Surprise, Goyim, Surprise: Analysts Now Expect American Soldiers To Spend Generations In Afghanistan

Didn’t Donald Trump promise us a total withdrawal of American military forces from foolish bases around the globe?

Like, I even recall him briefly mentioning a departure from South Korea, Japan, and the possibility of granting Germany back their sovereignty – he alluded to seventy years of occupation as being long enough.

As for Afghanistan, it should be plainly evident that the only contributions Americans have given the area involve horrid corruption within the puppet regimes, a massive increase in opium production (the Taliban actually stopped the drug trade on many levels), and easy tickets to the United States for hordes of barbarian Moslem “refugees.”

But perhaps if we fight for another thirty years or so, we’ll at last obtain victory – just keep hoping and keep dying, White Man.

From RT:

Americans may stay on Afghan soil for a “long-haul” mission that could evolve into several decades of “generational struggle,” General David Petraeus, ex-commander of US troops in Afghanistan, admitted.

The current war in Afghanistan is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future, David Petraeus, who led the US military campaign there back in the 2000s, told PBS News Hour. 

Though the retired General argued that “we ...

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