Texas Sovereignty Act: Representative Cecil Bell Goes on the Record

At the end of the 2017 Texas legislative session, there was a lot of unfinished business. So much, in fact, that Governor Abbott saw fit to call a special session to rectify some of these oversights. But among those that almost made the cut, few bills held as much promise for dealing with the problem of federal government overreach than HB 2338, the Texas Sovereignty Act. To find out what went wrong and what (if any) future the bill might still have, Texas District 3 Representative Cecil Bell, the chief progenitor of the act, took some time to talk to the Texian Partisan.

“A gentleman by the name of James Trimm, who is a precinct chair up in North Texas, sent me a prospective bill that he had labeled Texas Sovereignty Act,” began Representative Bell on the origins of the Act he introduced. “It was in resolution form, but ...

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