The MSM’s Eliot Ness

The appointment of Robert Mueller as special prosecutor could easily lead to the premature end of Trump’s presidency. There’s been talk of a coup, but realistically it can’t take the form of a bullet or poison. That would make Trump a martyr, which is the last thing the establishment needs. Humiliating and discrediting him are fundamental perquisites to his removal. The MSM has proved useless in this endeavor, so something legalese is required.

This shady former FBI director and his team of Clinton donors now have carte blanche to go after anything and anyone pertaining to any aspect of Donald Trump for as long as they need. The time limit? Until something sticks.

The probe isn’t limited to the president. By investigating him, they open the people working for him up to attack. Trump must have a least a few loyal people around him. They’ll undoubtedly be targeted by this partisan team with an unlimited budget. WH staffers make an upwards of around 100k per year. They could easily be forced to spend that sum in just a couple months of defending themselves against this investigation. What effort will his small circle of loyalists be able to make towards furthering ...

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