The Revolt In Finsbury Park

It was bound to happen.

We’ve always known it was going to come to this. They raped thousands of little girls in Rotherham. They beheaded a British soldier in the streets of his own country. They blew up a concert full of more little girls. They ran over pedestrians in the streets of London on two occasions.

This is only the horrific death toll in the UK. The same thing has happened in France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. Millions of people have watched this happen week after week, day after day, to the point where it has become a part of the fabric of everyday life. Every time it happens the Lügenpresse stands guard against the Islamophobic backlash. It is the new normal.

The liberal politicians of the West have failed to address the crisis. Democracy has failed on countless occasions. The culture has failed. The government has done nothing but demonize, disarm and incarcerate anyone in the UK who objects to their own dispossession. As Home Secretary, Theresa May prevented The Jihadis Next Door from leaving the UK while banning Michael Cushman.

No one is surprised this happened. Everyone knows why he was pushed to these extremes. It was ...

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