TNM Legislative Endorsements

Texas State Capitol building

The Texas Nationalist Movement is more than just an organization seeking a referendum on Texas’ political independence. The TNM seeks to promote all positive forms of Texas nationalism, including Texas culture, Texas history and respect for Texas’ traditions. In keeping with our pro-Texas spirit, the TNM endorsed several bills in the 2017 legislative session.

Veterans and Constitutional Carry Bills

House bill 206, authored by Representative Flynn, proposed to add Texas State Guard members with 15 years of service to the roll of veterans qualified by the Texas Veterans’ Land Board. This act would have given added benefits to those who have served our state by allowing them access to the Land Board programs. The bill made it to a vote on April 24, but was voted down 14–112.

House Bill 375 and a similar bill, House Bill 1911, both related to carry of handguns without a permit. These “Constitutional Carry” bills affirm Texans’ rights to self-defense, without the additional burden of a license, permit or tax. There were high hopes in Republican circles that one of these bills would succeed, especially since Constitutional Carry was listed as the first of the Republican Party of Texas’ 2017 legislative ...

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