Now that liberals have Bill O’Reilly’s scalp on their belts, they’re predictably going after Sean Hannity at Fox News. A few advertisers have chosen to end their support of Hannity’s Fox News show after receiving pressure from leftist groups. As if Rupert Murdoch’s leftist kids haven’t done enough damage to the network!

Polls show that Americans trust network and cable news less than they would their teen daughter with Bill Clinton. So why do they keep watching?

A very conservative, politically active friend of AWD’s last night posted on Facebook, “Does anyone know who won tonight on Dancing With The Stars?” I crap you negative! This woman is consistently trashing the Mainstream Propaganda Media on her page. What does she thinks funds the MSM? Those who watch Dancing With The @#&*ing Stars!

Here’s the deal. We won’t kill the Propaganda News Machine until we STOP WATCHING TELEVISION! All ...

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