Voluntary Exchange vs. Coercive Force (Or: True Freedom vs. American Socialism)

Is it okay to covet your neighbor’s property?

And then take some of it?

To spend on yourself?

Or others?

In America, the answer is a loud and clear: Of course!

Especially if and when your neighbor has more stuff than you, and doubly so if they have a whole lot more than you. But even if they have the same or less than you, it’s still a baseline assumption here in “the land of the free” that you are entitled to both covet your neighbor’s property and then take that property through the coercive power and force of the State.

The funny/sad thing is that even as we enthusiastically use the coercive power of the State to take wealth from our neighbors in order to feed the massive System of Systems that has come to dominate our culture and make its inhabitants dependant on the State (see how that works?), we simultaneously like to imagine ourselves as some sort of model of freedom and liberty.

Yep, we actually think we’re all about freedom, liberty, free markets, property rights and capitalism while we openly and quite routinely use the power of the State to steal from our neighbors on our behalf.

Who said public ...

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