When The Saxon Began To Hate: White Man Smashes Van Into Moslem Crowd In London, At Least 10 Reported Injured

My, my, Cuck Island.

Are you guys actually beginning the early stages of a race war against the Moslem hordes destroying your ancestral homeland?

This would definitely change the dynamic of what we’re currently dealing with across the Pond.

From Daily Mail:

More than ten pedestrians were hit by a white van driver who veered onto a pavement near a renowned north London mosque, in what is being described as a ‘terrorist attack’.

Several people were reportedly hurt after the van ploughed into a crowd outside Finsbury Park Mosque, where hate cleric Abu Hamza once preached, as they finished Ramadan evening prayers called taraweeh. 

Eyewitnesses reported seeing bystanders wrestle the suspect to the floor and pin him down until officers arrived.

Below is supposedly footage of the suspect being arrested, although verification has yet to come down from reliable sources.

Shockingly enough, if what we’re seeing is actually the person responsible for the vengeance van, it could actually be a British native – I would have thought a Slav would be the first to lash out against the armies of Mordor.

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