Governmental KUDZU—Peraria Lobata

By Joan Hough

It is true that the NEW WORLD ORDER (Communism turned modern) and all the utter ugliness swamping our government and poking its prying fingers into our homes had its seeds planted back in the 1800s. Those seeds were well-planted in America in 1849.
 It is known that Communism, as a weed, existed in America at the time of the Pilgrims and later— from lack of food and water the plant appeared to die---only to be reborn in 1849 as a new seedling.  By 1861 it became a plant more harmful to our land than Kudzu (/ˈkʊdzuː/Pueraria lobata
 The Commie plant exudes a paralytic poison. Breathed in the 1800s, it went directly to the American brain and resulted in the death of over a million Americans—some brought to the North American continent by Republicans just to aid the Marxists-controlled White House kill the South’s “oh, so wicked, planter class”—and “make the world safe for democracy.”  (The Commie American War of 1861 was designed to kill all property owners and would be property owners in the South and to break the chains of the Constitution and remake the US into the homeland ...

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