How Then Shall My White Brothers Pick My Cotton? The Danger of Irk and Irreconcilability

This is a response to Trevaris Tutt’s lengthy article, “How Then Shall My White Brothers Live? The Danger of Ink and Internet.”

Under new management, the revision of American Vision is still gaining steam. Born-again SJW that he is, Joel is compelled to keep pushing the envelope of virtue signalling to the Left. Hence, he has provided his website as a platform for a Black fellow by the name of Tutt. I mean, he says “gospel” a lot, and he’s Black, so he will no doubt have sage words on how Christians might apply God’s Law to the problems of the Black community. Which, he reveals, isn’t really a Black problem, but the White Problem.

Tutt prefaces his essay with an Aesopian segment titled “Responsibility and Sympathy,” a parable about a half-literate, drug-abusing, thieving, disrespectful, violent, and promiscuous middle-school girl who uses abortion as birth control.

But, surprise — she’s the product of a broken home and has been abused. Didn’t see that coming, did you?

And here’s the real twist — she might not be Black. She might even be White. Now then, don’t you feel bad for having assumed her to be out of ...

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