In Defense of the Flag

It truly pains my heart that a lot of blacks, and misguided whites, are offended by the Confederate Battle Flag.

That flag does not now represent, nor has it ever represented, slavery.  Yes, it has been hijacked by hate groups, like the KKK, but their main flag of choice has been the U.S. flag, and they also use the Christian flag. Why are the U.S. and Christian flags not called “racist” flags?  Because there is a war going on against all things Southern; our heritage, our history, and our symbols ever since the socialists won the War of Northern Aggression.

Southern culture would not be what it is without the flavor of the Southern blacks. Much has been contributed  by our fellow black Southerners.  It is sad to see them, and others, indoctrinated and brainwashed by those who are promoting a socialist agenda, which includes cultural genocide.  While nobody condones the institution of slavery, the fact is that it was a way of life, in both the North and the South, for many years. It was the New England slave traders that built the ships to transport already captured Africans from their homeland to the U.S. where ...

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