Learning from Our Enemies

With the Unite the Right rally coming up fast, now seems as good a time as any to say something to the vast right-wing conspiracy that ID and Southern Nationalism in general has decided to tie our little boat to. There’s a lot we’ve accomplished since the presidential election—really, within the last few months as the attack on our heritage and our existence has been renewed. In that time, though, the old ghosts of right-wing past have come to haunt us: talking heads from WN 1.0 and the egos they carry behind them like Oni spirits wreaking destruction and the “not real conservatives” cries of the boomerposting that dominated the Ted Cruz campaign. There has been great organization, great networking, and a tremendous rise in overcoming the problems of leftist political violence—so much so that recently The Nation had to flat-out lie about right-wing political violence. CNN and the rest of the legacy media is imploding, and our talking points are gaining ground in the right places. There’s also been pissing-matches, undermining, and the ongoing feud between the “Alt-Right” and the “Alt-Lite”.

So now is as good a time as any to talk about what we’ve done well and ...

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