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SOUTH CAROLINA: Folly Beach Boat Becomes Confederate Flag Battleground

For nearly three decades, civility reigned each time folks took a paint brush to the derelict boat along Folly Road and slathered on marriage proposals, birthday wishes and political statements.

Cooler heads prevailed through potentially divisive messages from Gamecocks and Tigers fans, from Barack Obama supporters, from those hoping to liberate Tom Brady from his oppressive “Deflategate” suspension.

The tension that emerged this week, though, threatened to ruin the fun that people have had with the Folly Beach landmark since Hurricane Hugo deposited it on the roadside.folly-boat-confederate-flag

Renderings of the Confederate battle flag that appeared Thursday morning started a back-and-forth painting duel between those who put them there and those who covered up the banners several times. At one point, the opposing sides stood next to each other and argued as they simultaneously created their respective displays.

The paint flew. The police came.

“The painting of the boat is not a protected right; the city allows the graffiti on the boat as a choice,” Folly Beach Public Safety Chief Andrew Gilreath said. “We aren’t going to let any groups, regardless of their affiliation or message, stand on the side of the ...

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