Promoting Immigrant Lawlessness

A sign at the international boundary between Canada and the United States in Point Roberts, Washington.

On July 10 James C. Harrington wrote an article for “The Texas Observer” titled “Protecting Immigrant Families: A Call for an Economic Boycott of Texas.” He should have called it “Promoting Immigrant Lawlessness: How to Foment Anarchy, One Law at a Time.” That is a more apropos assessment of his proposal. Let’s examine his article.

Obfuscating Truth With a Euphemism

Harrington opens his proposal with:

The time has come for us Texans to promote an economic boycott of our state until the misnamed “anti-sanctuary” law, Senate Bill 4, is repealed and state officials end their war on immigrants.

Misnamed indeed! The term used to describe Senate Bill 4—“anti-sanctuary law”—is based upon the euphemism “sanctuary city.” A city that harbors illegal aliens—criminals that have violated federal immigration law—is no more a sanctuary than a home that harbors an escaped convict.

Enforcing the Law

War on immigrants? One million legal immigrants were welcomed to these United States in 2015, the most recent year for which the Department of Homeland Security published data. Those who entered our country unlawfully are criminals that ought to be indicted, convicted and deported.

Harrington continues:

SB 4, Texas’ “show me your papers” ...

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