Rediscovering Americanism

My friend Mark Levin is nothing if not a patriot of the first order. He loves the United States and its founding principles — and his latest book, “Rediscovering Americanism,” explains his passion and encourages ours.

Levin believes that America’s greatness lies in its unique founding ideals and correctly observes — and documents — how far we’ve strayed from those principles and the structure of government they inspired.

In his other books, Levin has outlined the problems confronting us and proposed solutions, but in this book, he takes a deeper look into the Framers’ vision and examines the anatomy and historical development of the pernicious progressive mindset that has systematically chipped away at our governmental structure and our liberties.

This book is remarkable in its simultaneous succinctness and thoroughness. It’s hard to fathom how Levin could have adeptly covered so much important, relevant material in a relatively short book. But he did.

Why would Levin take us on this historical tour of our nation’s competing political and philosophical ideas? Haven’t we moved beyond such considerations in the modern age, with the federal government micromanaging so many aspects of our lives? Do these lofty notions even matter anymore in our modern ...

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