4D Chess or Just Bad Hiring?

One of the troubling aspects of the Trump Administration has been its lack of dependence upon actual supporters of President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” platform. When he was inaugurated and began to name cabinet members, plus started to fill many other lower-level positions, it seemed as if his actual supporters were in the minority. The Republican National Committee, RINOs, out-and-out cuckservatives, and even some Democrats (paging Jared Kushner) were named to the majority of positions within this populist president’s administration.


It’s standard political practice to have to broker deals with political rivals in order to get your bill passed, or garner their endorsement once you defeat them in head-to-head competition. Many times jobs in the winner’s administration are what is required to get such support. So to a significant extent, I think that the run-of-the-mill Republicans whom Trump named to his administration’s various posts were simply the product of good ol’ boy GOP networking and politics.

Similarly, one problem that many campaigns and administrations face is the shortage of qualified, experienced, reliable people. On this basis, I posit that Trump and his hiring officials simply looked to the GOP roster of political veterans and picked the best people …

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