And the Horse You Rode In On: A Response to John Daniel Davidson on HBO’s Upcoming Series, ‘Confederate’

Davidson has taken the occasion of HBO’s upcoming progressivist smear campaign against Southrons and Whites generally, to make matters worse by doing the same thing in the name of conservatism.

J.D. starts off by allaying the fears of progressives, assuring them that Benioff and Weiss are good menschen who will not deviate from the anti-White narrative. From which he launches into Harry Jaffa’s neocon revisionism, arguing that the old Confederacy and modern progressivism are essentially the same thing. An interpretation so utterly bassackward it can only be malicious.

He first cites Guelzo, who says that the antebellum South was not an agrarian society at all, but “an industrializing region” whose socio-civic structure was the same as “the modern-day administrative state.” Talk about hocking beachfront property in Arizona.

He even goes so far as to say, “The Confederate government centralized political authority in ways that made hash out of states’ rights” and that an accurate portrayal of a modern Confederacy “will shock us … not for how much of the Confederate future we avoided, but how little.”

C’mon, really, guys: the South’s ‘industry’ was cotton and tobacco. It was a distinctly and consciously ag-based society pursuant of that Jeffersonian …

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