DeMint: It’s time to rein in a bloated gov’t

Jim DeMint – a Republican who represented South Carolina in the U.S. Senate for eight years and in the House for six years before that – has created a small organization to support conservatives on the inside. He knows of what he speaks about the internal workings on Capitol Hill.

“Once you get to the House and the Senate, there is no support system for conservatives,” DeMint told American Family Radio this week. “So I’ve started what we call the Conservative Partnership Institute to help staff and members be more effective.”

While in the Senate, he founded the Senate Conservatives Fund – which played a major role in the election of Senate conservatives like Tom Cotton (Arkansas), Ben Sasse (Nebraska), Rand Paul (Kentucky), and Ted Cruz (Texas).

DeMint, who served as president of The Heritage Foundation after leaving Congress, has now teamed with former Senator Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma) and a group called the Convention of States.

“[Our objective is] to get 34 states to call a convention to amend the Constitution, to restrain the federal government to balance its budget, and to put it back in the box that our founders intended,” DeMint said.

The former GOP lawmaker believes …

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