Federal Judge Blocks Newest Texas Law As Illegals And Dems Cheer


U.S. Federal Judge Oscar Garcia struck down a Texas sanctuary city law this week. Garcia claimed that the law was unconstituional. Governor Greg Abbott has already promised to appeal the decision.

A federal judge struck down a critical Texas immigration law while attention was focused on Hurricane Harvey. The law, dubbed SB 4, would have allowed law enforcement officers to inquire about suspect’s immigration status.

Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal immigrants. If local cops don’t coordinate with federal agents deportation becomes nearly impossible. Police officers usually deal with criminals. Why would anyone want to hinder their ability to determine citizenship?

Illegals who aren’t deported after their first criminal offense may feel emboldened. Cities that shield undocumented migrants must take responsibility for those migrants’ future actions.

Indeed, at the end of the day, the Legislature is free to ignore the pleas of city and county officials, along with local police departments, who are in the trenches,” U.S. District Judge Orlando Garcia wrote. “The Court cannot and does not second guess the Legislature. However, the State may not exercise its authority in a manner that violates the United States Constitution.”


Illegal immigrants residing in Texas are rejoicing

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