Remember the Alamo, As Is!

There are few people in Texas, nor (no doubt) people in the world, that have not heard the call of "Remember the Alamo!" This phrase, first uttered by General Sam Houston, has over the decades of popular repetition grown from its original purpose to motivate the Texian troops at the battle of San Jacinto to something much larger. Uttering those words now is a call to honor our common heritage as Texans, to reflect on the great difficulties we've overcome, and hearkens us to emulate the great courage and deeds such as defined the fallen heroes who gave their lives for their country at that besieged fortification.
However, instead remembering the the Alamo as is, as a national symbol of noble sacrifice, bravery in the face of government tyranny, and confirmation that even seemingly lost causes are worth fighting for, there are those that would rather change this powerful story into something else, and have us remember the Alamo…

The Texas Observer Perspective

Right thinking Texans have good reason to recognize left wing media as often lunacy masquerading as critical


Much of what these

supposed periodical luminaries

is so ridiculous


one would swear they were reading satir

e. And …

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