Tax reform in trouble?

After their failure to repeal or replace Obamacare, Republicans have turned their attention to tax reform. Unfortunately for the the Grand Old Party (and the American people), their plans are far from finalized. Bloomberg reports that despite big promises and bold predictions, neither Congress nor the President has provided anything specific:

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin — who earlier predicted having a tax bill done by August — revealed the enormity of the task ahead on Friday: He didn’t commit to completing it by year’s end.

“They’re nowhere. They’re just nowhere,” said Henrietta Treyz, a tax analyst with Veda Partners and former Senate tax staffer. “I see them putting these ideas out as though they’re making progress, but they are the same regurgitated ideas we’ve been talking about for 20 years that have never gotten past the white-paper stage.”

Treyz said congressional tax staffers she’s spoken with are despondent over what they call an unexpectedly grim situation. There’s “animosity” between Republican leaders and their members, and between House and Senate Republicans, she said. Mistrust between congressional Republicans and Trump has been exacerbated by his recent attacks on key GOP senators.

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