TNM Issues a Statement on Texas and FEMA Dollars

When natural disasters strike, the chorus of those singing the praises of the federal government and the justification for it in all of our lives is already primed and ready to go. However, as outlined in the following statement from TNM, this praise is less than deserved.

While Texans are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, a familiar refrain about Texas need for FEMA in the face of natural disasters is again making the rounds. Any notion that Texas needs FEMA is misinformation at best and blatant lie at worst.

It is important to remember that FEMA does not do any actual immediate disaster relief. That is handled by the Texas Military Department as well as local and State law enforcement and volunteers. FEMA’s primary role is logistics and administration. In short, everything that Texas is already doing when disaster strikes.

In the aftermath, FEMA coordinates the distribution of some, not all, of the resources being funneled into the areas affected by the disaster. That includes cots for shelters, some bottled water, and some ice. However, this an extremely small percentage when compared to the outpouring of donations from private relief organizations, churches, and individuals.

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