TNM President Gets a Book Deal With Defiance Press

This past Friday, Defiance Press & Publishing, LLC, announced a new book deal with Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement.

In announcing this multi-book deal with the TNM President, David Thomas Roberts, Defiance Press President, said of Miller, “‘Daniel Miller has been a leading and articulate expert on Texas independence and is the foremost global thought leader on everyday citizens’ God-given right of self-determination for many years. Independence-minded movements all across the globe, including those involved with Brexit have consulted with Mr. Miller for his unique ability to tap into emerging political trends and to present thoughtfully researched facts.’”

Daniel Miller made time with the Texian Partisan to discuss some of the details of his new publishing relationship and what we can expect of near-future releases.

What can you tell us about your new book deal with Defiance Press & Publishing?

I’m looking forward to working with Defiance Press on the re-release of Line In The Sand and the new book as well. Defiance just signed a major distribution deal which means that both books [Texit and LITS] plus any of the other books that are in the works will reach a much larger audience.

Line In

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