Trump’s Justice Department failing to move on religious liberty order

As we’ve reported on a number of occasions, the President’s agenda has been repeatedly stymied by non-elected, bureaucratic officials intent on maintaining the status quo in D.C.

The latest example is perhaps the most troubling. Earlier this year Trump issued an executive order easing enforcement of Obamacare regulations forcing religious organizations like Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for employee health plans covering contraception and abortion-inducing drugs.

But this week The Daily Signal reported that the Justice Department has yet to act on that order, and religious organizations have been left out to dry:

Advocates for religious liberty are dismayed that little has changed with respect to the Obamacare contraceptive mandate, even after President Donald Trump signed a religious freedom executive order earlier this year.

“I believe the president is committed to religious freedom and that Attorney General [Jeff] Sessions is a good man. But their goals simply haven’t played out,” Douglas Wilson, CEO of the Catholic Benefits Association, told The Daily Signal.


“The mandate is a burden on employers, individuals, and religious organizations who, because of their beliefs concerning the protection of unborn human life, are faced with the decision to violate sincerely held religious or moral

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