Why True Freedom Is Now Un-American

What if you saw a very large middle aged woman with her back arched proudly and her nose pointed in the air as she slowly rolled through town on a big, expensive pink bike tricked out with all the latest shiny new accessories…including adult-sized training wheels?

What if as this woman clumsily peddled her ridiculous ride down main street, barely managing to stay upright even with the help of those ginormous training wheels, she went on and on and on about her great cycling skills and the incredible health, freedom, and liberty that her commitment to bike riding had brought into her life?

Whatever your reaction to this scenario, realize one thing: Americans in general tend to look and sound a whole lot like this ridiculous woman when they talk about things like freedom and liberty….while demanding Social Security.

And using public schools.

And supporting the property taxes (property theft) used to find those schools.

And wanting the government to manage pretty much every area of life.

By wanting civil government to “take control” like a good Mommy or Daddy so that life might be made fair and easy, we have made civil government our god in practice here in …

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