01 SEP 2017 Texas Division Sons of Confederate…

01 SEP 2017

Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans
Press Release

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This morning, the Texas Supreme Court announced its decision in Bray v. Fenves, the UT statues case.

The court’s announcement was terse: the court would not grant review to consider the case. This means that the court, even though the case had been in Texas courts for two years and before the Texas Supreme Court for one and one-half years, was announcing that it would not consider the case in any way. This allows the lower court’s opinion from the Texarkana Sixth Court of Appeals to control. In that opinion, the Sixth Court determined that plaintiffs did not have standing to bring suit.

In the end, this means that Steven Littlefield, a Littlefield heir, Gary Bray, then-Commander of the SCV, and the SCV as a Texas association do not have any interest in the protection of the monuments.

Clearly, we are deeply disappointed by the supreme court’s decision not to consider the case because of its opinion that the plaintiffs do not have standing. In making its decision, the supreme court is overruling precedent. More importantly, it appears that …

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