22 States Make BOLD Pact As State Leaders Gather In Arizona For A Bold Constitutional Change

With the National debt blasting past $20 Trillion this month, wrangling it under control is something that the vast majority of Americans can get behind.

Wrangling the $20 Trillion National Debt is something Americans can get behind.

The 110-degree heat in Phoenix only served as the backdrop but inside the air-conditioned House chamber at the Arizona Capitol last week, the debate was just as hot. Delegates from twenty-two states met to hammer out details of a radical resolution. The monumental agreement could lead to an amendment to our Constitution forcing Congress to restrict spending.

The best part is that the amendment will be written and enacted entirely by the states, cutting Congress totally out of the loop. Seventy-two delegates from across the United States spent four days hotly debating rules for our nation’s first Article V Constitutional Convention.

George Mason was a champion of State’s rights before there were any states. He looked into his crystal ball and knew someday a swamp of corruption would creep into the new and shiny government they were carefully crafting. To the annoyance of all the other founding fathers, he refused to sign the Constitution until it included a safeguard remedy the people could use when the time would eventually come. After fighting long and hard, Article V was included and Mason signed. Thanks to the stubborn patriot, the …

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