A Eulogy for a Confederate sister


  The Confederate Society of America has lost one of its valued Directors, Ms. Carolyn Saunders Walters.
  Carolyn embodied and represented the grace and beauty associated with a land called Dixie that is quickly fading into oblivion thanks to the ascetic efforts resulting from a diseased government which, like much of the world today, is as clueless as is the body of autocrats and demagogues who control it.
  She was a Lady of the Confederacy.
  She did NOT represent ANY of those characteristics or names that the Far-Left Mutants would have anyone believe is what folks like she and we are about.
  Her warmth was like a breath of fresh air in a country consumed by THEIR HATE resulting from the political contamination of THEIR making that is DESTROYING EVERYTHING!
  She was ELOQUENCE in every sense of the word and reflected and represented what was once the Old South that is being shredded and falsely portrayed by every free-loading malcontent using the guise of ‘Civil Rights’ to achieve and further their dais of hate!
  ‘Civil Rights’ today is an EXCUSE!
  It is an

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