A Matter of Honor

When was the last time you heard someone mention honor? Probably not lately, maybe not ever. Men in the service have likely heard the term mentioned, but civilians and normies? Not hardly – at least, not the true sense of the word. They’re more likely to hear “honoring the contract” rather than, “honoring your family.”

In today’s decaying society, honor is at best considered a curiously quaint, if misunderstood, old-fashioned notion held dear by archaic eccentrics. At worst, if you upheld your honor or spoke freely about honor’s merits – you’d be called a jingoist or crazed reactionary. However, the more probable response would be a head scratch and a puzzled look.

Broadly speaking, honor is alien in our Hollow Empire.

But, it wasn’t always this way – certainly not in the South. Or, even in the North. Aaron Burr springs to mind as man who felt his honor impugned and settled a matter with Alexander Hamilton. Northerners used to hold honor as a worthy and noble virtue. Although, not with the same assuredness, gusto (and, yes, arrogance) of our Southern forefathers. In fact, of all our people’s virtues – honor is our most

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