A Southern City Run by a Racist Mayor in 2017?

Could you imagine the headlines if the lying press found out that a major Southern city was being governed by a self-professed, second-generation, ethnonationalist and racial separatist?

When I read about how a white Republican woman filed to run for the mayoral election in Charlotte, N.C. I was shocked and appalled. In one Facebook post, she went so far as to state that, among other things, she was “white.” Gasp! Horror!

Do an online search for the name, Kimberley Paige Barnette, and you’ll be inundated with hatchet jobs attacking the 53-year old young lady who had the temerity to acknowledge her ethnic heritage in front of the Jewish media.

Unsurprisingly and unfortunately, she has already kowtowed to them and apologized. Perhaps had she read the advice of better writers than George Will and William Buckley, Jr., she would have known that when confronted by the Left, backing down is the wrong thing to do. You agree and amplify.

In this respect, the lugenpresse is like the black bear, which when encountered in the wild should not be shown fear or respect. Instead, you should put up such a fierce fight that you convince the bear that you’re too much

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