Adding a Label to Houston’s Confederate Monuments?

By: Joan Hough

In a recent meeting concerning Confederate monuments (statues) in Houston, the council and mayor asked Texans appearing before them two questions: about the monuments 1) “would you be OK with us removing them and putting them a museum? and 2) “would you be OK if there was a second placard added in front of the statue to tell about the ‘slavery aspect.” 
It has been reported that “Our folks answered with a resounding “NO” on question #1 but an “OK” for question #2.”   
So now Southerners have declared that it will be ok for the enemies of truth to add a label to our Confederate statues
 People agreeing to that have no idea as to the mud they are throwing over truth in history and truth in art. Any addition to our statues concerning the  Yankee’s ‘slavery aspect”— will be a horror of political correctness— the content of those “labels” will  make our cause look like the cause of demons from Hell.— will result in precisely the same thing that has occurred on all of our national Battle grounds now wrapped in US parks—Each national park now teaches to millions of visitors—that the noble

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