Amid outcry over Confederate monuments, new ones are going up around the U.S

ATLANTA (AP) — While Confederate statues and monuments around the nation get removed, defaced, covered up or toppled, some new memorials are being erected, by people who insist their only purpose is to honor Civil War soldiers who died for the South.

Supporters of these new monuments describe a determination to hold onto their understanding of history.

“What I want to get across is how much the South suffered, not only through the war but after the war, during the Reconstruction years,” said David Coggins, who owns the Confederate Veterans Memorial Park in Brantley, Alabama, which dedicated a memorial to “Unknown Alabama Confederate Soldiers” in September.

Others say race has nothing to do with these new monuments…

Source: Amid outcry over Confederate markers, new ones are going up around the U.S. | Nation World |

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