Another Broken Promise: Trump May Not Pull Out of Climate Change Agreement

If you thought last week was upsetting with all the Trump administration walk-backs on many important promises, it seems that Trump may have only been getting warmed-up. This week, The Wall Street Journal was told by a European official that the U.S. will “‘not be renegotiating the Paris Accord’”

The Paris Accord involves new global requirements on each of the signatory countries to cut carbon emissions, in accordance with the beliefs of anthropogenic global-warming proponents. Previously, the Trump administration said they would withdraw from Paris because the treaty was “‘unfair‘” to the U.S., creating an un-level playing field for the businesses of some countries over others. In what could be a reversal of this opinion, according to the Journal, a new proposal was revealed by White House senior adviser Everett Eissenstat at a Saturday meeting.

Although this news was greeted with typical denial by the White House, soon after, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson confirmed that it was at least under consideration. When asked by the host of Face the Nation whether we might stay with Paris under certain conditions, Tillerson said:

I think, under the right conditions. The President’s said he’s open to finding those

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