Building Herd Immunity Against Pro-Vaccine Propaganda

Wherever one stands on vaccines, and however firmly they may hold their position, we should all be teachable. We should all want to learn. We should all seek to be better informed so that we can make better decisions.

To that end, I’d like to share two related resources for your consideration:

  1. The released film Vaxxed, which is now free to view online for those with Amazon Prime. This is an important film, particularly for those interested in acquiring information on the subject of vaccines as they are currently produced, marketed, and consumed in America and throughout the West.
  2. Some thoughts on the concept of “herd immunity” (a term often used to promote vaccines) as expressed by Andrew Wakefield at the Vaxxed site, which are presented below unedited and without added comments (for now; more thoughts will be shared on this subject in future posts):

Notes on Herd Immunity from Andrew Wakefield

Herd Immunity is a term that is bandied around in defense of mass and mandatory vaccination. What is it and why is it important?

Let’s set out a working definition of what Herd Immunity is at a functional level in the population: Herd Immunity

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