By the Rivers of Babylon

How do you live as a dissident when your family doesn’t support you? In the first place, society is against you. The very fabric of your society hates you. Each institution and each manager, gatekeeper, certifying official, etc. hates you. They will fire you, smear you in public with lies and distortions, troll you with disdain and glee, and try to eradicate you unless keeping your disfigured memory alive serves some God-forsaken purpose for their dystopian schemes.

In such a situation you don’t need more hassles. You’ve got plenty on your hands to deal with. If you’re a college student, employee, high schooler, middle-aged parent, or senior citizen, you’ve got plenty to handle as it is. The normal challenges of each stage of life, plus the idiotic idiosyncrasies of this degenerate age, and the active persecution of sane, racially-aware white people, makes for overload in the soul. Like a wide load coming down a two-lane highway, we need flaggers, extra assistance, and extra time in order to traverse the normal lanes of life.

As Jesus promised, we face familial tensions in addition to all of this. Some of our spouses, children, parents, siblings, and extended family treat us with …

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