Catalan Independence (Plus: Update on Spanish Police-raids)

Catalan Independence is coming! And Madrid is on defense.

As an interested observer, it is amazing to witness the broad support that Catalonian nationalism has. On September 11, “‘hundreds of thousands‘” of people rallied in the streets in support of Catalan independence from Spain. There is no official opposition campaign, because most of those opposed to secession are refusing to participate in the vote (likely guaranteeing a victory for independence) and Madrid’s counterproductive response, declaring it illegal and vowing it will never happen, seem like the objections of the powerless losing side.

09-11-2017 Catalan Independence Rally. Photo by Josep-Lluís González, used with permission.

Independently-minded Texans are closely watching Catalonia. So far, Catalonia has been largely successful, playing by same play-book as the Texas Nationalist Movement uses in its efforts for Texas independence: gather public support and demand a ballot initiative. Like Catalan, the idea of Texas independence has been punted around for years. The pundits laugh about how “it’s fun to talk about, but it will never happen; and even if it did, there would be a civil war.” These nay-sayers frequently caveat the “never” with “but if,” which is telling. It seems that somewhere in their …

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