CEOs Cannot Stop the Alt Right

In response to the Shuttening of the Alt Right by the D.C.-N.Y.-Silicon Valley axis of evil, pro-white activists have begun to forge their own path of alternative technologies.

Did Goolag shut down access to monetization and viewer upvotes on your YouTube videos? Say hello to BitChute, a censorship-free online platform for video uploading and sharing.

Got your Discord or Gmail accounts shut down because of your politics? Venture over to Ricochet, a means of online chat that none other than pro-white tech genius Weev called “the only chat program where you are perfectly in control of your identity,” and “the best thing we have right now in terms of software that you personally can use to maintain contact with people in the event of large scale shutdowns which are probably coming soon.”

Lost the ability to transfer funds to support your favorite autistes on Patreon and contribute to pro-white causes on GoFundMe? Sign up for the ironically-titled Hatreon, a user-friendly financial giving platform enshrouded in the First Amendment. It is an explicitly Alt Right-friendly platform which allows you to keep Richard Spencer, Ricky Vaughn, Millennial Woes, Brittany Pettibone, and other content creators working around the clock against …

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