Constitution Day Allies: How a Democrat and a Republican came together around our nation’s founding document

This article was co-authored by Republican Ohio state Rep. Christina Hagan and Democratic Ohio state Rep. Bill Patmon. It was originally published on

Have you noticed that people just don’t seem to like each other very much these days?

However, we’re two representatives with many significant differences.  One of us is black, the other is white; one is a man, the other is a woman, one is a Democrat, the other is a Republican. In light of all these differences, some might expect us to be political opponents.   But we’ve found a way to work together towards a common end that can unify Americans of every background, race, religion, and political persuasion.

Our secret can be found in the Constitution.

On September 17, America celebrates the anniversary of the day delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed the document they’d fashioned in 1787. You may not realize it, but within the Constitution is a little gem called Article V, which gives us, as state legislators, the power to call a Convention of States, to propose amendments to restrain the scope, power and jurisdiction of the federal government.  To top it off, we can do that without the permission of …

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