Crush The Urbanite! (Redux)

Today in this modern globalized world, we are beholden to cities. Not only the people who inhabit cities, but the values they are beholden to. Modern cosmopolitan behaviours and social patterns can be found endemically in *Megalopolises* and their adjacent suburbs. These bourgeoise robots that inhabit the empty husks that are modern cities are the de facto “aristocrats” that dictate culture and politics. Dildopolitik, racial “justice” and materialism are the fads du jour. Yesterday, it was sodomite marriage, today it is the removal of our Confederate statues, and tomorrow God knows what it will be. The last election proved that a “Blue Archipelago” of metropolises in almost every state almost cost us an election of great magnitude, but why are urbanites and urbanization so degenerate and destructive to an authentic blood-and-soil nationalist movement?

To be clear, not all of those who inhabit cities are “urbanites”. In our ID lexicon, urbanite is interchangeable with cosmopolitan. To prove this point, we only need to look at a city like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Once a flourishing hub of steel production, it became one of the many cities that became known as the “Rust Belt”. In recent years, the tech and business sectors have surpassed

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