Democracy Fails: Court Limits Trump Travel Ban… Again 

Occidental Dissent – A Federal appeals court has again circumvented the will of a president elected on a platform of protecting the United States from a deluge of Muslim refugees and illegal Third World immigrants. Every time President Donald Trump achieves something on this front un-elected Left-wing judges (typically from the West Coast) step in to shut him down, demonstrating the farce of American democracy. The New York Times reports:

A federal appeals court on Thursday reopened the country’s door to thousands of refugees who had been temporarily blocked by President Trump’s travel ban, and also upheld a lower court decision that had exempted grandparents and other relatives from the ban.

The ruling, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle, was cheered by refugee resettlement organizations, and clarified, for now, who was covered by the ban.

The Ninth Court. Again. Of courshhh. Why haven’t we abolished that court yet?…

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