Does Horseshoe Theory Explain the Alt Right and Antifa?

Muh horseshoe theory tells me that when people assert that they have a group identity with political interests separate from and contrary to the identity and interests of another group, it doesn’t matter if they’re on the Left or the Right because Commies and Nazis are the same thing. Identity politics is just collectivism, whether used on the Left or on the Right. Either way, they’re collectivists, aka socialists.

This is what I and other previously-blind libertarians believed before Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, San Bernardino, Charlottesville, the Shuttening, and a plethora of events convinced us that reality is a bit more complex than Uncle Ron Paul would have us believe.

In the make-believe world where “Democrats are the real racists,” people who identify as members of a group are all the same, and will lead us to the same sort of society. Ergo, it doesn’t matter whether radical Muslims, Communist antifa, #BlackLivesMatter, or the Alt Right wins. They’re all playing identity politics, and they’re all collectivists.

However, in the real world, Democrats are unconscious Communists. Republicans are useful bourgeoisie idiots. #BlackLivesMatter are anti-white genocidal maniacs. Radical Muslims are building a caliphate straight out of seventh-century Arabia. The Alt …

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