Drunk Illegal Alien Hits Woman On Bicycle, Leaving Her In Coma

NYC, NY (The New York Post) – The 55-year-old woman pinned under the car of an unlicensed driver who drunkenly plowed into ​her and three other cyclists during a city bike tour Sunday is now in a coma, prosecutors said Monday.

The news of Nancy Pease’s devastating injuries came as Antonio Pina was arraigned on DWI and vehicular assault charges.​ ​He was held on $250,000 bond by Brooklyn Criminal Court Justice Joseph McCormack.

Pina stood dumbstruck and cuffed as prosecutors ​detailed how doctors had removed Pease’s spleen and said that she had suffered traumatic brain injury, a lacerated liver and other injuries. She remains comatose at Maimonides ​Medical Center, prosecutor Wilfredo Cotto said.
Pina slammed into a group of 25 to 30 bikers taking part in the 28th Annual NYC Century Bike Tour as they stopped at a red light around 9:15 a.m., cops and witnesses said.

A Coors Light beer can was recovered in his car, after Pina told cops​,​ “No, I don’t have a license and yes, I was drinking,” Cotto told the court. “I last drank alcohol around 2​ a.m., I had a few margaritas,” he allegedly added.

He then reached over …

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