Empires End in the Dustbin of History

Christian Political Party – Empires come and go. The twilight of western civilization is not just a poetic idea, it is a painful reality. Liberals often say that they do not like to make broadly pessimistic pronouncements about the collective fate of civilization.  Of course not, it might upset their blind followers who dwell in the haze of marijuana, hard-core drugs, immorality, decadence, and debauchery.

Anarchists are allowed to burn down towns, while police are told to stand down. ANTI-FA and BLM, fascist and racist organizations by any description, deface statues they don’t like and beat up others whose ideas they disagree with, proclaiming that they have a right to attack them for their opinions.

Twilight of western civilization

Young brainwashed generations are rejecting God, morality, their countries, their own skin color, their history, and everything that made our modern society most developed.

Terrorists are allowed to cause destruction and mayhem around the world yet those in power bring more into developed countries under the insane notion that they are protecting multi-culturalism and diversity…

Source: Empires End in the Dustbin of History – Christian Political Party

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