“Fannie Battle Services” exists to this day….

“Fannie Battle Services” exists to this day….

More Cane Ridge History…

Colonel Joel A. Battle

Colonel Joel A. Battle was a member of the 20th Tennessee Infantry Regiment. He is resting in the Battle Cemetery located on the south side of Burkitt Road in Cane Ridge, Tennessee. He fought in some of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War! Col. Battle’s sons, Willam S. Battle and Joel Battle Jr. died during the bloody battle at Shiloh. Colonel Battle was captured there. Even Col. Battle’s daughter, Mary Francis Battle did her part to contribute to the war. She was a confederate spy. Mary Francis was captured and found guilty of being a spy and was imprisoned and sent up north to a Federal prison. After the war was over she made her way back to Nashville. She had a deep concern for the under privileged children of Nashville, and Mary Francis went on to start a day care facility for these children so they would have a place to stay while their parents worked. Many Nashvillian’s are familiar with Mary Francis Battle’s caring efforts and do not realize it, because to most of us she is known as Mary Francis “Fannie” …

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