FBI, Homeland Security Warn Of More Antifa Attacks – 

Occidental Dissent: I’m still furious about Charlottesville.

Last night, I was watching other POV livestreams and there is no evidence that contradicts our account of what happened on August 12th. The Antifas were allowed to blockade the entrance to Lee Park, riot in the streets and attack anyone who entered the park. The Charlottesville police made no effort to keep the two sides separated or to provide safe entry and exit for #UniteTheRight protesters.

The vast majority of #UniteTheRight protesters congregated peacefully in Lee Park. The rest took up defensive positions and formed a shield wall at the two chokepoints. This was necessary to repulse wave after wave of violent Antifa who were attempting to charge the park. The shield wall also had to rescue isolated individuals who were attacked by the Antifa mob in the streets.

When the police finally showed up in riot gear, they declared #UniteTheRight an “unlawful assembly” and pushed the peaceful protesters in Lee Park into the mob of violent Antifa. There is no question that this was done by the police in order to maximize the potential for violence.

The FBI and DHS know what is going on:…

Source: FBI, Homeland Security Warn Of More Antifa Attacks – Occidental Dissent

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