FireArm Friday: Judge Roy Moore Supports National Reciprocity’

Breitbart – MONTGOMERY, Alabama — Judge Roy Moore, the runaway frontrunner for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate in Alabama, told Breitbart News exclusively here that he fully supports the Second Amendment and wants to see the U.S. Senate vote immediately on national reciprocity.

“I believe that we should have national reciprocity and I also believe that we should vote on these things,” Moore said in an exclusive interview over lunch with Breitbart News before Labor Day here in Montgomery. “You eliminate the filibuster and we’re going to find out where people stand. Right now, you don’t know where people stand. They get NRA endorsements and then hide behind a rule that allows our right to keep and bear arms to be violated, and I think that’s a problem with the rule. Again, what I think we should do is remove that rule and then vote on these issues. I stand firmly with Gun Owners of America which has endorsed me, and BamaCarry right here in Alabama which has endorsed me. I support the right to keep and bear arms and hopefully my wife is keeping her weapon in her purse right now.”…

Source: Exclusive — Judge Roy Moore on Second Amendment: ‘I Believe We Should Have National Reciprocity’ Vote Right Now – Breitbart

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