For the past several years, but…

For the past several years, but especially over the past 2 years, the SCV has had countless correspondence “lost” through the U. S. Postal Service, specifically, but not limited to, our magazine. The headquarters has filed reports with the USPS, as well as hundreds of our members, and we’ve placed numerous notifications in our magazine addressing this issue. This has become almost epidemic with magazines damaged beyond recognition or members not receiving magazines for years. Over the past 6 months, the SCV has sent out boxes of magazines to whole camps whose members haven’t received their magazines. Headquarters routinely sends members replacement magazines and this is a substantial cost to the organization. Over the past year, we have made modifications to the dust cover of the magazine and this has made a moderate improvement for some members. However, over the past two editions of the Confederate Veteran, a significant amount of members are not receiving it. In response to this, the SCV is experimenting with packaging to determine if it makes a difference in this issue.

Those members who have had no issues receiving their magazines see no reason to adapt to the changing situation, but those members who have …

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