From the Depths of YouTube: Antifa Goes Gaga Over 1940s Government Propaganda

Trying to explain irony to SJWs is an utter waste of time. Their sophistication of humor rarely exceeds laughing uproariously over some poor bastard of a rightist they’ve beaten half to death with the bronze arm they extracted from a destroyed statue of P.G.T. Beauregard. Thus, in their zeal to foment their very own Cultural Revolution, attempting to erase every last vestige of the pre-1865 republic and denying the very existence of any ancestor they ever had, they unsurprisingly are impervious to the fact that their left-wing great-grandparents were embarking on the exact same mission. True, the old folks went about it in a somewhat more subdued fashion – subscribing to mainstream liberal periodicals like The Atlantic, singing some of Woody Guthrie’s less bloodthirsty ballads at union registration rallies, splitting their vote between Henry Wallace and Norman Thomas in a progressive war similar to that of the Clinton/Sanders imbroglio of a later era, and so forth. It wasn’t called the ‘silent’ generation for nothing.

In the wake of Charlottesville these blue-haired barracudas have emerged seemingly triumphant, with the entire apparatus of government, media, and church solidly in their corner and encouraging them on to ever greater conquests, not …

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