Gibs & Demands at Mr. Jefferson’s University

Earlier last week, the vibrant and #brave crowd at the University of Virginia made a list of demands to “smash white supremacy” at the formerly prestigious school. With any luck, the school will spiral out of control as the leftist agitators (enrolled, entrenched and employed at the school) become more and more erratic. I’m hoping for the Mizzou decline, but who knows, it might get worse.

The Minority Rights Coalition at the University of Virginia issued a set of 10 demands (really just gibs). The demands are included in a Facebook image, so I’ve done our dear readers a favor by outlining them and providing a redpill explanation for each insolent and undeserving request.

Gibs Me Dat 1: Remove the Confederate plaques on the Rotunda. An appropriate place would be in a museum or in Special Collections.

RedPill Exposition: The University of Virginia remained open during the War of Northern Aggression (1861–1865), graduating few students and struggling to maintain its facilities. At the start of Lincoln’s War, its students strongly supported secession, and more than 500 of the school’s 600 students in 1861 eventually served heroically in the Confederate military. More than 2,000 alumni joined them, and by

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