Hardened Hearts

A piece of shit rapper that goes by the name of ‘XXXTentacion‘ released a video recently called Look at me. The video depicts a black child with his father (surprising, I know) next to a noose, with a white child next to it – ready for his execution. The video then portrays the jiggaboo teaching his offspring how to hang a white child. The white child is then hung and killed, his legs weakly kicking the air. XXXTentacion has around 700,000 followers on Twitter. Let that sink in.

You need to be paying attention – same goes for the white shitlib lurkers and the SPLC goon squad that views this website. If you want to create a reactionary white class, then continue to let these types of videos to be produced. It will wake up normies.

You can’t hide the anti-white disgust anymore. In fact, the Left cheers it. The feeble and weak Establishment Right ignores it – to their own detriment. It is this anti-white propaganda that created the Alt-Right and white nationalism.

The MSM and GOPe shills call us “hateful.” We are simply a reaction to the anti-white hate, envy and prejudice that is targeted

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